Getting Here

Most of our guests travel from Britain, and the easiest way to get from there to here is to take a charter flight direct to Skiathos (JSI). From there it's a five minute ride in a taxi to the Port of Skiathos and then 20 or 30 minutes by sea to the Port of Glossa.

However, if you are coming from elsewhere or are coming out of season you are more likely to take a scheduled flight into either Athens or Thessaloniki. From there we can help to select the most appropriate route for you.

It should be noted that if you are travelling via Athens or Thessaloniki you are unlikely to be able to make your entire journey in a single day and you should probably allow for an overnight stop somewhere along the way.

Flight schedules and bus timetables tend to be available a long way in advance, but sailing schedules are published much later. It is very probable therefore that the details of the last leg of your journey won't be finalised until a month or two prior to your arrival.

One of us will meet you at the Port of Glossa with your hire car and show you the way to the cottage via the supermarket and the bakery. It will most probably be Sarah.
The village of Glossa is about two and a half kilometres by twisty road above the port of Glossa. After the supermarket you will be shown the long route to the cottage via the main road. This is approximately 5km on tarmac follwed by 1km on dirt track and finally a short but steep driveway to the front door. From the cottage it is easy to nip into the back of Glossa on foot or by car but when you arrive we will take you the long way around the village because it is not advisable to drive through it.